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  • Make development simpler, quicker and easier by integrating your GPS locating application with MyWakes Platform.
    Can Geo Location development be made easier, simpler and quicker ?
    We guess that’s the question that keeps management and executives awake a lot of the time.
    Whilst developers focus on techniques, patterns, principles and developmental concepts management, in contrast, is more focused on the broader picture, understanding where a project is at, will it meet its deadline, did it overrun and by how much.
  • The MyWakes Developer Project is designed to enable super-fast development.
    Our elegant APIs and .NET DLL Interface make adding complex Geo Location features simpler and permit to any developer to create their custom solution in few steps.
    Any developer will be able to create tracking applications with geofences, alarms and much more writing few lines of code. Integrating a Geo Location layer to your web site or desktop application will be a piece of cake.

    Developing has never been so easy !